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Welcome to the Snack Bar, where every day is a nice day! We are a locally owned and operated fast food restaurant. Come try our internationally famous burgers.We are home of the world's largest ice cream cones.We are open seven days a week, from 8 am to 10 pm on Monday through Saturday, and from 10 am to 10 pm on Sundays. Our breakfast is served Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 10 am. Burgers are offered all hours.


Big Bob's Best Breakfast is one of our specials that includes two pancakes, one sausage patty, two strips of bacon, and three eggs.

Sweet Things Super Sandwhich is another special that comes with two sausage patty's, one egg, two slices of cheese, on your choice of  an English muffin or biscuit.

                  Smaller Breakfast deals include:                     The #1, which is two pancakes, your choice of meat: ham, bacon, or sausage, and one egg.

The #2, which is your choice of meat: ham, bacon, or sausage, one egg, hashbrowns, with or without onions, and a biscuit.

We also serve breakfast sandwhiches, which is an egg and cheese on a biscuit or muffin, with an option to add your choice of meat.

Served throughout the day

                            Every Day Specials

Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Corndog, or Burrito. These specials include your choice of a regular French Fry or Tater Tots, and a medium soft drink.We also offer every day Kid's Meals, which comes with a Kid Hamburger, Burrito, or Corndog. These inlude a kid French Fry and a small soft drink.

                   Try our home specialties

        We offer the Baby Hog Burger and the Hog Burger.  

The Baby Hog burger is our Cheeseburger with a slice of fried ham. The Hog burger, which is a larger version of the Baby Hog burger, is a double-cheeseburger with two slices of fried ham.                     

      We offer the Bruiser Burger and the Bruiser Cheese Burger

The Bruiser Burger is our own triple-burger.                                       The Bruiser Cheeseburger, is our own triple-burger, which has three pieces of cheese.

            We offer Chicken, Fish, Chef Salad, and our unique                                              Grilled Hotdogs   

On the lighter side, or for a sweet tooth.

We have soft served ice cream cones( try our large's! ), and ice cream filled cups.

We have old fashion float's, soda's, and sundae's.

We have milkshakes and malts of multiple flavors.

We have inside seating available, or you can enjoy a nice day outside on our benches, or take it to go if you're on the fly. Thanks for visiting our site and hope to see you soon. In case you wanted to know, we're located on Highway 93, across from the old high school. We're at 415 South Greenwood Street. You can reach us at 886-2294, or 877-886-2294.

This year's highlight (the HP's Women's Challenge ride through town).